3 Top-Graded Features Which Make The Rock Store A Must-Visit Place

rock store

The Rock Store is a restaurant located in Cornell, on Mulholland Highway in the Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles, California. It is popular with celebrities and motorcyclists. Back in the past, hot springs resorts occupied this place. During the Great Depression and Prohibition, the authorities found the owner a bootlegger. This resort attracted celebrities such as Rudolph Valentino and Cecil B. DeMille, who came here and relaxed in hot water baths and drank beverages. During the 1940s and 1950s, a gas station operated there. Then in 1961, The Rock store opened as a grocery store, and later, it became a common motorcycle pit stop. It attracted motorcyclists and celebrities, including James Cameron, Jesse James, Robert Blake, Jay Leno, Tom Arnold, John Goodman, John Travolta, and many more. Ed and Veronica ” Vern” Savko has run The Rock Store since they purchased it in 1963. However, Ed Savko died in April 2012. The Wall Street Journal called it ‘a celebrity hangout where Hollywood’s motorcycle riders like to congregate’. Similarly, the Los Angeles Times referred to it as ‘one of the best-known biker pit stops globally’ and the ”Mecca of motorcycles”. 

Know About The Best Features Of The Rock Store 

Rock Store

This ‘Close to the city but so far away’ restaurant has the best features, making it worth visiting for many celebrities and motorcyclists. Get to know about these fantastic features. Have a look! 

Great Food

Rock Store

The fantastic and delicious food served in The Rock Store restaurant makes it a top-pick of many renowned Hollywood celebrities and motorcyclists. It has a unique way of serving its food. The Chef comes, brings your order, and garnishes your meal on your table. This way, you can see their unique skills and get an insight into their fantastic way of serving the meal. 

Amazing Location 

This top-graded restaurant is located relatively high in the Santa Monica Mountains. It’s fantastic location and beautiful view make it all the better. Located along the famous Mulholland Highway halfway between Malibu and Calabasas, it’s the perfect place to come by car or bike for breakfast or lunch and a drink on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It is a fantastic place to get away from the city but not too far. 

Good Friends

Since famous Hollywood celebrities and motorcyclists mainly visit this top-rated restaurant, they can find many of their friends visiting it and enjoy it all the more. A good company makes a minor to significant visit best. With a good company in your profession, you can discuss vital topics and know much more. 


This article was brief yet helpful information about the famous The Rock Store restaurant. This restaurant has all the best and required features for a good day out. This restaurant is a must-visiting place. Do try it once!

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