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5 Base Jumping Spots In The United States

5 Base Jumping Spots In The United States

In recent times, all thanks to the mainstream media sources and videos, base jumping has moved on from being a fringe activity to a full-blown popular phenomenon.  Briefly speaking, it involves climbing great heights on tall cliff faces and man-made structures. Hence, it is quite obvious that only extreme and highly trained athletes can practice this sport. Dissimilar to skydiving, base jumpers do not make use of aircraft. They jump from the top of fixed structures. However, both these activities are considered similar in that they involve the use of parachutes for arresting falls and delivering back to the ground.

5 Base Jumping Spots In The United States
5 Base Jumping Spots In The United States

Yosemite National Park, California

The Yosemite National Park in California boasts of several impressive landscapes and peaks. Half Dome is one famous peak among climbers and hikers. The park is a good spot for base jumpers though the sport is not legalized here. But the prohibitions have never scared the adventurers away. The growing popularity of the park will surely change the rules in the near future. Meanwhile, hikers, base jumpers and climbers can find innumerable scopes of flexing their muscles at Yosemite National Park. This spot is a base jumper’s dream.

Perrine Bridge, Idaho

The Perrine Bridge in Idaho spans the River Snake in Twin Falls. It is a popular destination for jumpers and hikers across the world. The place stands evidence of several successful plunges. It is just 150 m high, but the adventurers at this destination await the refreshing dip into the Snake River. One good thing about this destination is that it is so very accessible that base jumpers can take off right from their vehicles.

El Capitan, California

El Capitan is affectionately known as El Cap, and it has been a favorite destination for base jumpers since the 1960s. This was the first time when Brian Schubert and Michael Pelkey from California, made their jump down the 3, 000 feet cliff drop. Though the jump was not successful, it did not stop the enthusiasts and avid jumpers from making their way towards the cliff.

New River George Bridge, West Virginia

Yet another safe and well-maintained jumping destination. The New River George Bridge hosts a huge event for base jumpers in October on Bridge Day. Daredevils from around the world make their way towards this spot for trying out their big leap of faith from the 876 feet tall bridge. It is an accessible bridge in the United States, especially among rock climbers, whitewater rafters, rappellers, and base jumpers.

5 Base Jumping Spots In The United States
5 Base Jumping Spots In The United States

Empire State Building, New York

There is no other more iconic building in the world than the Empire State Building in New York. Jumping from this structure is not a very easy thing to do. Needless to say, this spot is not meant for beginners. Experts are of the view that you should get a minimum of 200 regular parachute jumping experiences under your belt before even considering this spot for your jumping expedition.

When you think that you are ready for base jumping, try out the spots mentioned above.

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