6 Important Square One Driving Gears That Every Biker Should Buy

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Driving a bike is fun, but it has to be done with safety, for that one must learn the basics of driving and have square one driving gears for additional safety. Though it feels cool to drive without any gloves and helmet, one must not ignore the fact that they are important. It can save you from an accident. However, a helmet and gloves are not the only necessary gears one must buy.

Read further to learn more about other essential driving gears as well. 

6 Square One Driving Gears To Buy Today 


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A jacket is a double protection as it keeps you warm in winter against the cold wind. It also provides safety to your arm, shoulders, and elbows during the accident as it has padding inside. However, they are expensive, but square one driving gears are affordable and made of high-quality material. 

Get the one that fits your size but doesn’t buy a perfect fit as it can make you uncomfortable while riding. 

Body Armour

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This may not sound necessary, but it is essential when the weather is warm, and you have to drive long. They give you protection the same as a jacket. The only difference is that you can wear a jacket in winter and body armor in summer. 

However, it is essential to get good quality as summer can be too harsh, and wearing bad quality armor makes it worse. So, look for a comfy and reliable square one driving gear.

Elbow Guards

Elbow guards are a cheaper option for those who cannot afford the above gears. However, it is just an option and not recommended as they are not as sturdy as a jacket and body armor. Moreover, they do not provide much protection to the biker. But it is still useful in conditions when you don; ’t have both the above square one driving gears.


Not the ordinary ones, but invest in good riding trousers that cover your lower body. It covers the posterior, thighs, and knees because they need protection too while driving. Most of the injuries occur on the lower body, so do not forget this important stuff. 

Knee Guards

If you do not like the idea of investing in riding trousers, then just keep it simple and safe. Get a good knee guard for the safety of your knees. They are not as expensive as riding trousers so everyone can afford them. But get the good one so that you won’t regret buying one. However, it won’t provide any protection to your butt and thighs like trousers would do. 


Boots should be on your list as they make the ride comfortable and protect your ankles, toes, and fingers of feet. If you think normal shoes would work, then make sure they have padding inside.

Apart from these square one driving gears, get a hydration backpack and high visibility jacket for yourself. Though they are not necessary if you are not a professional biker but still it’s good to have some of the mentioned gears. 

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