Answers Of All Your Question Regarding How Much It Cost For Skydiving Parachutes And More

how much it cost for skydiving parachutes

Skydiving is one of the most popular adventure sports in the whole wide world. And if you are trying it for the first time you must know some details about it. And this article is just for fulfilling that purpose. You will get to know about the different types of parachutes, along with how much it cost to skydiving parachutes and some skydiving tips for your first time.

Cost Of A Parachute/ Canopy

A parachute is flying in the air

Parachutes which are also known as the canopy is the balloon cloth material that helps you float while skydiving. They are usually made of a lightweight yet strong cloth that is capable of creating friction with the wind. It may sound scary but it depends on the parachute if you will live or die during your skydiving. 

Now if you ask how much it cost for skydiving parachutes, I’ll say that it depends on a lot of factors including the cloth quality and capacity of the parachute. But some of the best parachutes around the globe are priced between 15000-3000 dollars. And with extra accessories, it will cost you around 8000-10000 dollars.

All The Different Types of Parachutes

Three men skydiving
  • Round or Domed Shaped Parachutes: These are the earliest designs of parachutes that ever existed. These inverted big parachutes are the first thing that was introduced to skydivers. Even though it is not the mainstream parachute in recent days, militaries and special forces sometimes use them for emergency purposes. 
  • Square-ish Parachutes: These are shaped something between a square and round. These types of parachutes are believed to have a lower risk rate. They use it in the Army in some countries. And to answer your question about how much it cost to skydiving parachutes, they are quite expensive as well.
  • Rectangular-Square Parachute: These can also be called ram-air canopies. They are the most common ones these days. The ones you see on the television are also these types of parachutes. The specialty of these parachutes is that they make lading easier with a lesser risk rate. 
  • Airplane Wings Parachutes: These types of parachutes are not at all in use now. Shaped like the wing of an airplane, these parachutes are also one of the earliest designs of parachutes. It is quite heavier than the other ones as well. 

Tips To Ace Your First Skydiving Session

After informing you how much it cost to skydiving parachutes, we are here for you with a bunch of tips.

  • Have a chat with people who have tried Skydiving before for some real-life experience.
  • Come in touch with a professional skydiver before you try it out.
  • Avoid consuming any drugs before you take off, also make sure to have enough sleep.
  • Don’t invest in the equipment as you can rent them.
  • Witness live sky diving for more confidence or you can go ahead and learn it if interested. 


Hoping your query of how much it cost for skydiving parachutes is answered now. Finally, go ahead and have a safe landing.

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