Best Indoor Skydiving Places in USA

best skydiving place in usa

Skydiving is one of the greatest passions and thrilling adventures for the youth across the world. There are many open air skydiving places, but few indoor locations that offer this experience. Here is a list of the best indoor skydiving places in the world.

iFLY – Across the U.S

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This company has 37 locations across the world and has become one of the main commercial businesses that offers this unique experience. Skydivers across the world sign up for this thrilling activity in a location closest to their home. It gives you a unique experience of flying in a specialized chamber. You need to wear special suits to feel this extreme adventure activity.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving – Las Vegas, Nevada

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The charges for sky diving here are at $75 for a three-minute flight. This place opened up in 1982 and it is one of the original locations that offers this thrilling experience. Your trip to Sin City becomes more epic with a lovely skydiving experience here.

FlyAway – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The rates for skydiving here are from $34 for a three-minute flight ride. It is an original location that allows people to float in the wind tunnel. The trainers here offer special training for sport skydivers, military units and competition teams. This is a specialized center that offers training to learners, beginners and even professionals.

Paraclete XP SkyVenture – Raeford, North Carolina

Prices starting from $64 per two-minute flight, this location is unique to providing the best skydiving experience in their extra large wind tunnel. They offer amazing and real skydives out of a place when you go up a hill. 

SkyVenture New Hampshire – Nashua, New Hampshire

The rates for this adventure start at $55 per a two-minute flight ride. This indoor skydiving experience offers indoor surfing, a rotating barrel ride that is known as the Fishpipe and a rock climbing activity as well. You can choose various other activities apart from skydiving and this adventure location promises to offer many thrilling rides.

Perris Indoor Skydiving – Perris, California

A two-minute ride here costs $59. It is one of the most well-respected skydiving schools in the country as you have many experienced and passionate instructors here teaching you indoor skydiving or even jumping out of their planes. This is a very famous and most-sought after company for a skydiving experience.

SkyVenture Arizona – Eloy, Arizona

A skydiving adventure for 2 minutes costs $50 here. For the first-time flyers and for the more seasoned sky divers, this place is awesome and very welcoming. You get to learn various positions and also get to work with instructors and learn how to master the basic aerobatic skills. You also get a free tee at the end and so you can always preserve the memory of your skydiving experience.

These are some of the best indoor skydiving places in the world. 

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