Choosing The Best Skydiving Flight Suits

skydiving flight suits

In terms of skydiving, one must be careful with what he or she wears in order to prevent the chances of getting a serious injury. One of the most common materials that are used in the construction of skydiving flight suits and other equipment is vinyl. This material is made up of two major components – the outer layer and the inner layer. The outer layer is made of the same material used in making plastic gloves and various other forms of protective clothing.

However, vinyl is not just a passive material. It is an extremely strong material that can withstand a lot of force when being used in the construction of skydiving jackets and other skydiving accessories. The strength of vinyl is also attributed to the manner in which it is produced. Vinyl is manufactured by taking layers of plastic and pressing it together under high heat and pressure. The end product is a strong fabric similar to cotton but with the added ability to resist the force applied to it.

Nylon And Other Synthetic Materials

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This strong material is often combined with nylon and other synthetic materials. These fibers of fabric are dyed to create the different colors that are seen in a typical skydiving jacket. There are also those that are printed with logos and designs. They are made up of the same material but are treated with special chemicals so that they will resist the elements more. Such treatments are usually necessary during the production phase, although some fabrics are available for pre-treatment already.

As the outer layer, vinyl is able to withstand high levels of acidity, chlorine, as well as UV light. These are the three main components of skydiving jumpsuits. The inner layer, on the other hand, has the task of preventing any form of air leaks that might occur during the skydiving jump. Thus, these suits are made out of strong, flexible, yet breathable materials. This particular material is also used in other kinds of clothing as well to make people more comfortable, such as skydiving pants.


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Another substance that makes up this type of material is polyurethane. This is a tough synthetic material that comes in various forms. It can be applied to fabrics or garments. Some of them are applied with a spray while others come in a liquid form. This is mostly used in the making of boat engines.

Another important substance that these suits are made from is spandex. It is a combination of cotton, Lycra, and other materials. Spandex is the most common element found in these types of apparel. This is the most flexible of all the materials, which makes it ideal for use as the main material.

Full-Length Jumpsuits

Dressing for a skydive requires a special kind of fabric. These are usually full-length jumpsuits. They usually contain a polyurethane coating over an elastic backing. These suits are equipped with a zipper that allows the wearer to wear them easily.

The materials used in skydiving flight suits are made to withstand many gasses and harsh conditions. However, they can also get damaged if the wearer is not careful. For example, if the parachute is open while in use, the diver can easily get tangled in the fabric. If not removed immediately, this can cause suffocation. So, always remove the suit before taking off.

Resistant To The Extreme Conditions

Most of the time, polyurethane is used because it is resistant to the extreme conditions during a dive. However, some divers find that this material discolors easily, especially when soaked with water. Moreover, this kind of material may not be able to withstand very high pressures. Other options include neoprene and silicone, which have less limitations when it comes to exposure to water and pressure.

Some divers choose to use a neoprene suit, because it is lightweight, which makes it easier to put on and take off. Also, it is easier to adjust the fit of the suit for a perfect fit. It is made from a blend of polyurethane and silicone, which makes it water-resistant, while still maintaining its flexibility.

Final Words

If you want a more rigid option, you may opt for the same material used for skydiving flight suits, but it is a bit heavier. It is made from acrylic. Other materials that are used in skydiving flight suits include carbon composites and carbon fiber. Since they have different textures and structures, they also vary in price.

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