Cost of Beginner Skydiving Gear and More

Many people are fond of adventures like skydiving, while some try it to simply get over their fears. Like any other adventurous activity, skydiving gives a thrill which many live off. In this article, we will discuss the prices, levels, and at last some tips for skydiving. At the last, you will be able to know if this is something you would like to do, or if you want to try it then what level will best suit you.

What is skydiving?

For you to know more about skydiving, you first need to understand what skydiving is. This is an activity in which a person jumps from a height, falls towards the earth aided by gravity, while a parachute is used to handle the speed, and descent of the person. The jumping is more than often done from an aircraft. This is indeed a very new experience for everyone, which gives a thrill like none.

Skydiving levels

A plane flying in the air

There are all 4 level licenses for a skydiver. These levels tell us the number of minimum jumps and the time of free fall.

  • A license- the minimum jumps are 25.
  • B license- the minimum jumps are 50 with the minimum fall time of 30 minutes.
  • C license- the minimum jumps are 200 with the minimum fall time of 60 minutes.
  • D license- the minimum jumps are 500 with the minimum fall time of 3 hours.

Equipment used in skydiving

There are many types of equipment used in skydiving. These are given in the list below,

  • A skydiving Parachute, which is generally two in number which is packed in a bag.
  • A skydiving automatic activation device (AAD), is a device that launches the parachute if the person by any chance is unable to.
  • A skydiving Jumpsuit
  • Skydiving altimeter, which gives the information of the altitude a person is at.
  • Skydiving goggles
  • Skydiving helmet

Cost of the gears

The cost may vary from place to place, and from organization to organization. These kits may vary with the items in the kit. Though many advise you to buy your kit, you can always rent one. The cost of the kit generally falls in the category of $5000 to $8000, while you’ll still have to buy an altimeter, goggles, and helmet.


Skydiving is one of the most famous activities, which is now turned into a hobby for many. This activity of skydiving is an adventure, every soul who craves thrill love to undertake.

This article gives an idea of what skydiving is, what are the levels, what are the pieces of equipment used, and what sum of money is required to buy a skydiving kit. Hence, after reading this piece of information you will get a rough idea of what this activity is all about, and whether this will be something you will like to opt for or not.

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