Dangers You Should Remember When Choosing Freefly Suits

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Freefly suits are very popular with skydiving instructors and those who want to learn to dive. While they may seem similar to zip-lines, they are entirely different in design. They are similar to the white and blue freefly suits seen during skydiving training, but they have a much higher degree of freedom built-in. There are many different ways that freefly suits can be used for skydiving training, from building jumps out of real-life skydiving logs to building your piece of sky diving equipment. Whatever your goal is for the various freefly suits available, you will certainly be able to find the right one for you.

Freedom Of Movement

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One of the main reasons that skydiving instructors highly recommend using freefly suits for their students is the freedom of movement provided by the suit itself. Unlike other skydiving gear that limits how you can move through the wearer, freefly suits let you move in all directions. This makes them ideal for any number of different training styles. You can use your new freedom to improve your technique and gain more confidence while skydiving. Plus, freefly training always involves a high risk of landing badly, which means that you will need to rely on your skills and experience to avoid serious injury.


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Another advantage of freefly suits for skydiving training is their flexibility. You can wear them for various activities, including free-flying or tandem jumping, rapid descent training, and more. This allows you to be comfortable during both training and actual skydiving, so you are less likely to feel any form of discomfort while floating in the air. It also makes it much easier to add weight to the suit to increase your ability to move and keep it lightweight so that you can easily change from one position to another.

Choosing A Top-Quality Brand

When you first buy your freefly suits for skydiving, you should choose a top-quality brand. The materials used in the construction of your suit should be of the highest quality to ensure that they remain durable and flexible even after months of use. You should also buy your gear from a reputable manufacturer. Choose a company that has a solid reputation for developing and producing high-quality freefly gear. If you have any doubts about the quality of the equipment they sell, you should consult with someone at a store specializing in skydiving gear before making a purchase.

Choosing An Appropriate Color

When buying your freefly suits for skydiving, it’s also important to choose an appropriate color. Generally, the darker the colors, the better because black is the traditional choice for freefly suits in terms of style. However, if you are a beginner and are concerned about making a mistake that will end up with your costume being more of an embarrassment than a useful training item, opt for lighter colors. You will also find that the designs available in the higher end market will often be more interesting and colorful than those available at more affordable prices.

Type Of Closures Offered

Next, you’ll need to think about the type of closures your new freefly suit offers. There are both options available to you: internal and external zippers. However, it’s important to note that your chosen suit has to be sufficiently waterproof to enable you to make successful freefly training jumps. Because you’re training in a controlled environment, it’s especially important to make sure that your freefly suit is sufficiently waterproof. If you’re concerned about learning how to swim while wearing a suit of this kind, you can use a specially designed wetsuit or bathing suit instead. Again, the important thing here is that your choice provides you with the protection you need.

You’ll also want to choose your freshly training helmet to fit it well and be comfortable. While many people assume that freefly suits are casual and easy to wear, they are very carefully designed and constructed to provide maximum comfort and support during freefly training. Since your training will involve a lot of fast-paced movement, it’s essential that you feel confident and comfortable while also moving freely and moving around freely as needed. By ensuring that you choose the right helmet for your freefly training, you’ll be better prepared to enjoy your upcoming freeway dives.

Consider The Choice Of Your Boots

Finally, you must consider your choice of boots as you make your final decision. While many people assume that freefly suits are suitable for casual skydiving, you must remember that this is an extreme sport that involves wearing a heavy protective freefly suit and thick goggles, a helmet, and gloves. The boots you choose must be able to protect your feet and ankles from experiencing damage from high winds and strong vibrations that are common when freshly training. At the same time, they must allow your ankles to bend and stretch without becoming injured. Choosing the wrong pair of boots can put a serious damper on your freshly training and could prevent you from enjoying the exhilaration that this sport offers.

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