Designed to Make It Convenient During Fitness and Walking So That You Can Free Your Hands to Enjoy!

The traveling industry got a major loss in the past two years. The national and international borders have been completely closed due to the life-threatening pandemic Novel corona. Now, many countries have opened their borders for tourists as it’s the major source of income for local nationals. This is also a needy activity which everyone tries to consider once in a year at least, exploring new places nationally and internationally. It’s very necessary to enjoy the natural beauty and experience the adventurous places too for the best life. 

It’s also a matter of serious concern what kind of accessories we carry with us during the travel plans. It must be as small as it can and also be a versatile spacing option for us, then in that case the travel and adventure plans go on the next level. This demand goes high in the case of women, as they become very choosy. The fancy side of every purchase also becomes a matter of prestige for them as they want to look out for the most unique among their community. You will never find the perfect back to carry all the small essentials if not for this belt bag. Find out how useful this can be.

Fashionable Fanny Pack/Belt Bag

This Fashionable Fanny Pack/Back Bag is the best option and a high demand item for its unique look. This is very functional and very unique in its look. The necessary items fit in it perfectly during the travel trips/ adventure plans. This pack/bag goes perfectly gripped over the waste section when nicely attached to the body. It’s a solid item for keeping safe usable items as the body completely goes flexible during the adventure trips. The double section of spacing also becomes more demanding and makes it ready for medium size storage. This bag gives a nice option to separate the needy utilities in a ranked manner as per their different sizes.

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  • Main Material: Corduroy
  • Model Number: waist bag
  • Strap Drop: 100cm
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Style: Fashion
  • Shape: Pillow
  • Gender: WOMEN
  • Item Length: 32cm
  • Item Type: Waist Packs
A close up of a basket


  • Its funky look makes it attractive.
  • The connected rope makes it more attached to the body.
  • The fashionable print gives a next-generation feel to the prospective owner.
  • Easy to move front and back as per the choice. 
A person standing on top of a dirt field


  • Try to use it for perfect waist size as if it goes more stretched then the gripping can lose.
  • Try to keep away the liquid item by spacing and if it goes spaced then fix them nicely to avoid the material leak.
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