Do You Need Two Passengers For Skydiving

2 parachutes for skydiving

We also learned that these two items, as well as an appropriate chute, were the most important pieces of equipment that we would use on our first skydive. Here is an explanation about how to select two parachutes for skydiving.

When selecting a parachute, it is important to select the correct weight to be used for a particular jump. The two parachutes for skydiving are used in tandem. This means the one parachute is attached to the harness of the second parachute. Thus, when selecting a two parachute system, the type of chute and the weight will have to be determined before the jump. This can be done by consulting a chart or an online calculator.

Two Point Parachutes


Two point parachutes are the most common parachute type used in most skydiving situations. The two point parachute is attached at the top of the chute with a large knot. Sometimes this parachute is attached by a small spring, but this is not necessary in all cases. When attached at the top of the parachute, the two point parachute does not only stabilize the body of the jumper but also provides support to the head, legs and feet.

To select a two parachute for skydiving, select a system that is the right size and will provide the right stability. Selecting the right parachute is just like selecting a bungee jump suit. It is also important to consider the manufacturer of the parachute. Certain manufacturers have been known to design a better quality two point parachute than others. For example, some specialize in producing military parachute systems. When selecting a parachute, it is important to select one from an experienced manufacturer.

A Proper Fit


Selecting a proper fit is also very important. The parachute must not be too loose or too tight. A successful skydive should be free of any obstructions such as feathers, tarps or other material that might prove dangerous during the dive. A parachute that fits properly will also prevent the chute from detaching during the dive and causing possible punctures to the skin.

When selecting a two point parachute, it is important to select one that is able to be adjusted. This will allow the wearer to change the stability of the parachute by turning one of its points up or down. To do this, hold the two point parachute either in front of or behind the wearer’s head with a thumb on each side. 

Adjustment Levers

If there are no adjustment levers, turn the handle in a clockwise direction until the two points are in line with the wearer’s hairline. Next turn it in a counterclockwise direction until the wearer’s forehead is lined up with the opening of the parachute’s release valve.

In order to deploy the parachute during a successful skydive, one should pull the cord attached to the parachute before pulling the pin. The parachute will open as soon as the pull cord is released. After the parachute has been released, hold the parachute in the desired position by pulling on both ends. It should be held securely in place for a few seconds so as not to lose altitude.


When a person has successfully taken off from an airplane and skydived, he or she must be recovered in a safe manner. All available parachute regulations must be adhered to. Failure to adhere to these regulations could result in fines or serious injury. A responsible skydiving organization will always make sure all its operators take the necessary steps to follow all regulations. If an operator of a company is found to be in violation of any parachute regulations, the company could be sued.

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