Five Must-Have Skydiving Gear

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Before you get ready to jump into the adrenaline rush and the excitement of skydiving, it’s important to understand the proper gear that you will need. While you can always pick up the cheapest possible equipment, remember that cheap does not necessarily make it unsafe. That’s why you should consider buying a high-quality set of skydiving gear in Colorado. You want your equipment to work properly for years to come, so why risk buying something cheaply?

When picking out your skydiving gear in Colorado, it’s important to choose colors that are practical and go with the weather conditions. Think about where you will be skydiving and what the weather will be like when you are out there. If you plan to skydive in cloudy or overcast conditions, choose a color or pattern that will block out these lights and make the environment look as dark as possible. If there is a lot of sunshine, lighter colors such as white or silver are great. Remember that skydiving gear in Colorado cannot protect you from the sun; wear darker colors for this protection.

Skydiving Gear Colorado


Your skydiving gear is made up of several pieces. One of these pieces is the helmet. A good quality helmet will be one that fits well. This will help keep the wind from hitting your head and make you more comfortable during the dive. In the summertime, it’s important to choose a shade over your head that will keep you comfortable no matter what the heat is. Many skydiving gear manufacturers make great sunbonnets that will help protect you from the harsh Colorado sun.

Another piece of skydiving gear in Colorado is your goggles. These are a crucial part of the uniform, as they protect your eyes from any water that might enter them. If you are a beginner skydiver, you should opt for single-visibility goggles that cover your entire face, but if you have experience and are a stronger diver, you may want to invest in two-visibility goggles that cover either your top or bottom eye. These types of goggles will also help improve your ability to see the black outline of the hole you are going to dive in, which is something else that your goggles will help protect you from.

The next piece of skydiving gear is your parachute. There are several different kinds to choose from, so take some time to look at different colors and brands. Some people prefer the color red while others are content with yellow. Both of these colors are popular but look closely at the instructions before you buy to make sure that the particular type you purchase is correct. If the parachute you choose does not come with an installation kit, be sure to follow the instructions closely so that you do not damage the parachute during your jump. If you do damage the parachute, there are many excellent companies that will gladly replace it for you free of charge.

A Much Ado


The third piece of skydiving gear that you need is a helmet. While helmets are required in some locations and for certain classes of skydiving, you don’t have to skydive in order to wear one. You can purchase a softball-sized helmet that will fit you snugly and be comfortable, or you can choose a full-face helmet that covers your entire head. No matter what you choose, you want to make sure that your helmet is certified by the Snell Memorial Foundation, which will ensure that it is safe for use.

The fourth item of skydiving gear that you want to take with you is a chalk bag. Chalk bags are much like the chalkboards used by chalkboard artists of the early years, providing you with a place to write information about where you are or where you want to go while enjoying the excitement of skydiving. Depending on how daring you are, you can write on both sides of the bag so that the wind can blow in whichever direction that suits you. Otherwise, you can just write on one side. Another great thing about these bags is that you can store them under a seat so that you don’t have to drag a heavy backpack while out for a dive.

Bottom Line 

The fifth piece of skydiving gear that you need is your parachute. Whether you buy your own or rent from a local retailer, this is the piece of equipment that you will be most grateful for having. You don’t want to skydive without it, especially if it’s your first time because there is no more thrilling experience than soaring in a parachute for the first time. If you aren’t sure what you should wear, there is an excellent chance that the local sporting goods store has skydiving gear available for rent, which is a great way to test the water without investing any money until you know that you are ready to buy.

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