How Long Does It Take To Skydive From 30000 Feet?

How Long Does It Take To Skydive From 30000 Feet?

Skydiving is the amazing experience one can get from the height. Most people who have a phobia of height will never do a skydive. Healthy and fit athletes choose skydiving as it is the best experience to be with clouds and air. During skydiving, the best experience is floating freely in open space. Is it easy?

Skydive needs some core skills and courage to fall from height. Sportsperson may drop on an average of 200 ft/second during skydiving. Skydiving from 10,000 ft height allows approx. Thirty seconds of free fall. Fourteen thousand feet height offers a free fall of 90 seconds.

In 1960, Joe Kittinger had jumped from 102,000 feet with the 4 minutes free fall, the longest record. 30000 feet skydive is an amazing dive!

How Long Does It Take To Skydive From 30000 Feet?
How Long Does It Take To Skydive From 30000 Feet?

30000 Feet Skydive: Calculate Time Of Free Fall

Freefall if the situation of the body where only gravity works upon the body. It is simple to calculate the time duration of free fall to get the estimation of height and experience of free fall. If the skydiver falls from 200 feet, free fall time may be one second approximately. 

Air friction affects the freefall time. As gravity is there and air friction also will be there. Air friction will oppose or apply negative force against gravitational force.

So, after some time, because of air friction, you probably feel that there is no acceleration. This time is terminal velocity. If you measure free fall time with a calculator, it may vary because, in the calculator, air friction calculation is not included. 

For the distance of the first 1.000 feet, estimation of free fall is 10 seconds, and after that, for every 1,000 feet, it can be 5 seconds.   

Sky Diving From Different Altitudes:

Usually, skydivers prefer to jump between 10,000 to 14,000 feet. This distance is around 2 miles. 

10,000 Feet- 30 seconds

14,000 Feet- 60 seconds

HALO jump, 17,500 feet- 85 seconds

Why Referral Time

Freefall is a wonderful experience. Only gravity acceleration may act upon the individual’s body. Generally, gravity acts evenly on the entire body, and hence individuals feel to be nearly weightless. Parachutes flying, aircraft ride or any other activity doesn’t allow to free fall. Sky diving is an air activity that allows an individual to fly and float in the air. Amazing experience! 

There are no words to express the experience of free fall. When you fall from the aircraft after a specific second, you will feel amazing floating weightlessly. You will forget everything, including your work stress, worries and of course all negative feelings. Nothing can be as surprising as pure bliss kind of experience of free fall. 

If you are new to skydiving, you will feel this breath-taking experience in your first two or three experiences. There are many things to do during freefall in the air.

How Long Does It Take To Skydive From 30000 Feet?
How Long Does It Take To Skydive From 30000 Feet?

Activities During Free Fall: 30000 Feet Skydive

Moving around with the basic aerodynamics rules.

Tilting one arm up

Tilting one arm down

Turning out body around the center

Propelling yourself with straightening legs outside

Different aerodynamics formation with a group of skydivers

Flying at various orientations

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