How to Choose Skydiving Flying Suits for Different Risks

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Skydiving is a popular sport that has been enjoyed for centuries around the world. In the United States, skydiving flying suits are considered a safety necessity when skydiving. Designed to keep their wearer safe from flying debris and wind while in the air, skydiving flying suits are a huge help when skydiving. But how much protection do they actually provide? How many injuries can result from wearing one of these protective outfits?

An Overview

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The National Airborne Safety Administration has set standards for the protection needed during skydiving. These requirements are put into play by the manufacturer of every pair of skydiving equipment that is sold to the public. For example, one of the most important parts of a parachute is its safety harness. It is recommended that no person under the age of 16 should use one, and a parent or responsible adult should accompany any child who plans on learning to use one.

While it is true that skydiving suits will prevent fatalities and serious injuries, they do not offer full-body protection. As a matter of fact, some are inadequate at best. These suits offer little in the way of protection from the wind, while offering little in the way of protection from the decompression that takes place during the dive.

Some Drawbacks 

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The problem lies in the fact that people have a tendency to think that if something is expensive, it must be of better quality than it actually is. This is especially true when it comes to skydiving gear. Remember back in school when you were taught about how weak a blowtorch was? A blowtorch, after all, is not cheap. The manufacturers of skydiving gear make the same mistake.

The quality of clothing often depends on whether or not it can be restitched together. Ripstitching is a craftsmanship trick that has stood the test of time and remains popular among do-it-yourselfers. One piece of clothing can cost several thousand dollars, if it is pieced together piece by piece to create a uniform outfit. For the most part, skydiving outfits are the same way.

In addition to wearing a ripstitched outfit, one also needs to invest in good goggles. Goggles, of course, are not cheap, but they can protect the eyes from dirt and other particles in the air. One can get discount goggles, but these are only really worthwhile if one has the skills to install them and, of course, if one is willing to spend the money required to do so. Those who have no skills whatsoever in this area may find it easier to buy used ones online and take their chances wearing these.

Skydiving Accident 

No one likes to think that he or she will suffer an injury in a skydiving accident. Luckily, though, this is far less likely than it used to be. Manufacturers have developed safety features into most new models that make them far less likely to result in serious injury. For example, many present day parachutes are much lighter than the models that were first made. This means that even a seasoned flyer will be able to carry more of them with him or her.

In summary, skydiving is a great sport for both experienced and beginner sky divers. The equipment is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Anyone who can read instructions can try it. A good place to learn more is the Internet, where thousands of articles on all aspects of skydiving are available.

One should also realize that skydiving is not just limited to the protection of the jumper. Anyone who is a potential risk to other skydivers or the environment should also be thinking about wearing a skydiving uniform. In addition, anyone who is interested in extreme sports, especially those who engage in extreme sports such as sky diving, should definitely consider wearing a protective flying suit. As mentioned earlier, it is very common for rescuers to wear these suits because they are so useful for saving lives. A good skydiving uniform should not cost more than $75 and most online stores that sell skydiving gear will let you compare prices and select the best one for your needs.

Final Tip 

Before you purchase a protective flying suit, make sure you know all of the safety information about skydiving. Make sure you understand all of the differences between free-fall and controlled falls. If you are new to skydiving, it is a good idea to take some training. A lot of people who are into skydiving are often afraid of heights and they would rather skydive below then be up in the air. However, there are a lot of skydiving organizations that do not encourage their members to skydive unless they have first been trained.


If you would like to save money, you can look into buying your skydiving flying suits online. This is a great way to get the highest quality without spending a lot of money. You can find a variety of different styles that will help you stay safe while experiencing this exciting sport. Make sure that you buy your skydiving gear from a reputable online store so that you can be sure you are getting high-quality items.

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