How To Find The Correct Skydive Jump Suits

skydive jump suits

Buying the correct skydive jump suits is not an easy task. Especially, if you are a new skydiver who is still working on the fear of getting off the plain then your suit should be totally comfortable. Otherwise, it can affect both your performance and safety. Choosing the correct jumpsuit doesn’t mean that you have to purchase a top-branded suit. You should just have proper knowledge about selecting suits according to the atmosphere and your body.

Why Should You Take Advice For Skydive Jump Suits?

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Skydive jump suits are the most important accessory for all skydivers. It doesn’t matter whether you are beginning in the sport or you are an experienced player anyone can make mistake while buying it because your body shape and the weather keep on changing. You should take advice from the instructors to prevent yourself from buying the wrong jumpsuits as it can significantly affect your performance. Here are some tips that can help.

Material Of Skydive Jump Suits

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Different types of materials are for making skydive jump suits. If you are a new flyer then you should choose a slim tight jumpsuit made up of malleable fabric and without any other specific need. It can give you more lift or make you cut the air quickly. Experienced players can try different fabrics but not without taking advice from the instructors. Jumpsuits made up of jeans touch material give you more lift. However, it can be very tight for your body. The material of the jumpsuit is a very important aspect because it ensures your safety. Till now Cordura fabric is considered as best for safety as it is a very comfortable, durable, and tough material.

According To Weight And Height

You should make your choice according to the weight and height of your body. But it’s very important for you to consider the people you are flying with so that you can match your suit with them. That would help you to be at the same level in which they will fly. Flying at the same level will help you to raise your skills and reduce the chances of body posture mistakes.

According To The Type Of Skydiving 

If you are doing skydiving in a very hot summer then you should not want to go in a long jumpsuit. But according to the experts, a long jumpsuit can be the best option for every type of skydiving. After jumping, you can take care of yourself so try to wear long jumpsuits for every skydiving.


You can choose any type of jumpsuit according to your budget but always keep in mind that if your jumpsuit does not suit your body in any aspect then it will totally affect your safety and performance. So, be very serious while choosing the material of your jumpsuit especially if you are new to this sport.

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