If You Are Amateur Of Extreme Adventures, These Places Won’t Deceive You (You Won’t Believe How Many People Died on #4)

When extreme athletes want their mettle tested, they’re not going for a Sunday walk. They embark on the world’s most dangerous journeys, tackling the highest climbs, deepest dives, and roughest rapids. 

Technical Mountainbike Trail

A person wearing a helmet posing for the camera

The intense exposure of this red rock path, situated on a 200-foot cliff above the Colorado River, makes one of the most challenging rides. Riders pass a sign that warns them to disassemble in certain parts or face a deadly fall. About two miles long, this rough trail descends 1,050 feet, packing a 23% average slope. It is the final ride in the Moab-area trail series, “Magnificent 7.”

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