Important Parts Of Skydiving School Speed Suits

A person flying through the air on top of a mountain

Skydiving is the most thrilling sport in the adventure sports category. It came into existence as a military practice, but now it has become a choice of many for an adrenaline rush. Since the adventure involves jumping off a plane from a height of about 15000 ft or more, there is a lot of risk involved with the sport. This is why the usage of skydiving school speed suits is really important to chalk out all the possible risks of accidents mid-air and ensure a safe landing. Here are some important parts that make up these suits.

Skydiving Parachutes Are Essential For Skydiving School Speed Suits

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The most important part of these suits is the parachute. It is available in different sizes and even the most professional divers take great interest and are very ambitious in choosing their chutes. Starters primarily use bigger and more docile versions. As people get more experienced, divers prefer to downsize their chutes to something smaller, sporty, light, and faster to handle. All the divers have to jump with two parachutes, the main one, and a reserve, as in any case, the primary one fails, the other one will be there to save lives.


A person flying through the air on top of a mountain

This is probably the second most important equipment that functions mid-air. It works like a guide and a vehicle meter during the fall. The Altimeter functions to notify the diver about the altitude level he is on at a time. This altitude determination is a key to knowing the time to deploy the parachute and hence is an important part of skydiving school speed suits. They are worn on the hands and have a shape like that of a big wristwatch. There are digital versions of it too.

Skydiving Goggles – Another Important Equipment For Skydiving School Speed Suits

These Goggles are special protective wear for the eye. The rushing wind that crashes continuously through the body can easily damage the eyes if they are naked open. Also, one will not be able to see anything clearly and hence become more prone to accidents. Goggles ensure to shield the eyes from these effects and provide a complete and clear vision. Some of the divers also use shaded versions, simply to protect themselves from the blazing light of the sun, which is even more prominent at high altitudes.


Helmets are used to protect the head from bumps while exiting the plane to engage in freefall. However, they are more useful to protect the hair from the effect of the raging wind and the resultant tangles that it can give to long locks. Some helmets come with a complete visor and thus there is no additional need for wearing goggles with skydiving school speed suits.


Engaging in Skydiving can be the most thrilling experience of your life. Nevertheless, ensuring maximum safety is the best way to enjoy this magnum opus adventure sport because, at such a speedy fall, anything unexpected can be very dangerous.

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