Indoor Skydive: An Adventure Filled Experience

Indoor Skydive: An Adventure Filled Experience

An Indoor Skydive is a facility that stimulates the sensation of a free fall via a system of fans circulating air through a glass tube, also known as a vertical wind tunnel. With proper adjustments on the fight suit, you are high up floating in mid-air with your arms and legs stretched horizontally. For the faint-hearted ones, who are afraid of jumping out of a plane can opt for an indoor skydive.

Over the past few years, indoor skydive has swept all over the world. It is slowly being recognised as an entertaining activity and also an athletic sport. The number of first-time flyers is increasing gradually, and competition is going high up. It is expected that soon, skydive will be regarded as a full-time athletic event. The rules and regulations of the game are simple and easy to follow.  

2 Sky Dive Goggles Clear Smoke Skydiving New These Have Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses And UV400 Filter For Maximum UV Protection

This product comes in a set. There are two skydiving goggles, one with a clear lens and on with a smoked lens. These glasses are absolutely new in the market. The demand for these glasses is gradually increasing because of the quality. This product comes with anti-fogging glasses which are useful during skydiving adventurous. The goggles are made by Global Vision and are known as the Flare. Pick up these glasses before your next sky diving gig.

The goggles are made up of shatterproof polycarbonate lenses UV400 filter for the ultimate UV protection. In addition to this, the lenses are scratch-resistant with excellent peripheral vision. The set also comes with anti-fog coating and comfortable neoprene foam padding.

Best Indoor Skydive Locations Across The World

Vegas Indoor Skydive, Las Vegas, Nevada

Opened in the 1980s this place offers an exciting and thrilling indoor skydiving adventure. For people looking for some fun in the city, can take a look at this recreational activity.

Price range: $75, for a three-minute flight

FlyAway, Tennessee

One of the first indoor skydiving locations, FlyAway is famous for various training sport, skydiving, and competitions.

Price range: $34, for a three-minute flight

Sky Venture New Hampshire, New Hampshire

Sky Venture offers more than just indoor skydiving. They have surfing, rock climbing, barrel ride, and other such indoor activities.

Price range: $55, for a two-minute flight

Perris Indoor Skydive, California

One of the main skydiving schools in the USA, the institute has great instructors. One can choose between jumping out of a real plane or even go for an indoor experience.

Price range: $59, for a two-minute flight


iFly has indoor skydive locations all over the world. There are 37 locations nationwide just in the United States. More of these institutions are present in the countries, namely, Canada, India, France, and Italy. The tunnels are full and entirely safe to experience an incredibly realistic indoor skydiving experience. Famous iFly centers are in Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Orlando.

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