Indoor Skydiving Gear And Safety Measures You Should Follow

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You don’t have to be a sportsperson or be in your best shape to be a flier. But safety is the most important part of indoor skydiving, and that is when skydiving gear comes into action. An important thing to remember is that for indoor skydiving, wearing a skydiving gear is a basic tunnel flight factor. It is essential to choose your skydiving gear. You should invest in the right gear that will help in accelerating your learning process. If you keep buying the bad ones that would be cheaper, it won’t do you any good. Also, look for proper shoes because they make a huge difference in your mobility within the tunnel. It would help if you prefer buying running shoes or well-fitting lace-up sneakers. 

Tips To Buy The Best Skydiving Gear

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In the world of indoor skydiving, the skydiving gear makes a lot of difference. A jumpsuit is there to protect your body from the wind and keep you safe from unnecessary scratches and bruises. You should always wear one of your skateboard style helmets when you fly. It will protect your neck and face. The knee and elbow pads are one of your most valuable treasures aside from your helmet. They protect these areas from getting swollen. 

Wind exposure for a long time can be tough on your skin, and the flap of your suit can leave you with a rash. So always cover your exposed skin and wear a rash guard layer. Dress in comfortable clothes. It is best to go for shirts without collars. Headphones are also an important thing. Every tunnel you visit will offer you earplugs, but it is always the best option to carry one with you. You should also invest in a pair of gloves on your early training days. Go for lightweight and durable gloves. 

What Should You Avoid?

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The weather in the wind tunnel is always perfect. So there is no reason to layer up. Avoid bulky clothes under your skydiving gear. Also, avoid any clothing with ornaments-strings or beads because these loose things will cause you to lose focus. Also, try to keep yourself distant from tinted visors and black gloves. If you have long hair, always tie it up; otherwise, it will go everywhere and also avoid tying it too high because you need to wear a helmet. 


Whether you want to be a professional flier or maybe you treat it as one of your hobbies, you should have a clear idea about the sky diving gear you are about to purchase for your safety concerns. Remember that safety must be your first concept, no matter how adventurous you feel. The adventure only will remain a beautiful memory forever when you have safety equipment with you. If you are going to take risks without safety equipment, there is a lot of potential for disasters, and that could leave you not with the memory but with the trauma. So, make sure you are entering the adventure with the right thought.

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