Know The Worth Of Skydiving Gear

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The question “How much is skydiving gear worth?” is one of those eternal questions of the sport. Every jumper and every instructor wants to know the precise value of his or her gear. While a lot of equipment costs more than it’s worth, there’s no standard way of figuring out what the price of a particular piece of equipment is. This is one of the reasons that many instructors tend to charge more for the gear.

In general, a typical skydiving trip will include a number of pieces of skydiving gear. A helmet, goggles, gloves, chute, parachute, descent tube, extra bail gear (bucket, extra line, extra knife), a float, a parachute, and other miscellaneous items. If you buy your own gear, you will pay more for it than if you buy some of the above mentioned items used. It’s not because the equipment is bad or was never used before. It’s just that you may have bought it second hand.

Estimating The Cost

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There are some good ways of estimating the cost of your skydiving gear. One way is to take into consideration the items that you absolutely need to have on your scuba/sailing equipment list. If you’ve never taken a skydiving class before, then it’s better to start off with basic training. If you’ve been training for a while, then you already have an idea of what you need to purchase for the day.

How much is skydiving gear? When shopping for this, you will probably notice that most stores tend to sell their products at wholesale prices. Buying wholesale allows you to save more money on the gear you need. But shopping online can present another problem. How can you be sure that you’re getting the right kind of equipment at the right price, especially when buying from foreign websites?

Use A Skydiving Forum

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The answer is simple: use a skydiving forum. Skydiving forums are usually dedicated to skydiving gear and they are full of honest sellers and buyers. You can browse through thousands of results in a matter of a few minutes, get prices, descriptions and recommendations and then, if you like, buy your skydiving gear straight from the seller.

Used equipment is one thing you can easily find on many websites. eBay is a great place to check out classified ads. In recent years, used gasometers and other forms of skydiving gear have become popular on eBay, helping buyers who might never have been able to afford them otherwise. It’s a good idea to keep your eyes open for these kinds of deals. Just be sure you do enough research before making any large purchases from websites with used skydiving gear.


If you are not too familiar with how a parachute works, you should know that they are usually filled with a highly compressed gas such as nitrogen. The parachute is designed to slowly inflate once a person has fallen to the ground. Once the gas reaches the proper pressure, it will expand until it pops. The result is a sudden and spectacular decompression that sends the parachute flaring upward with the descent.

How much is skydiving gear? It depends on your skill level, your needs and how much you are willing to pay. A beginner skydiver would not need much skydiving gear; all he or she needs is a good pair of goggles and some rope. Experienced skydivers can spend more on high-end equipment such as harnesses, helmets, skis and more. Whichever type of skydiver you are, you can be assured that skydiving is an adventure like no other.

What Type Of Skydiving You Want To Do

Before purchasing any skydiving gear, you need to first determine what type of skydiving you want to do. If you want to skydive high altitude then you should look for high altitude equipment such as goggles, a canopy and more. If you are interested in a slower, calmer type of skydive, then you can choose equipment such as chutes and ropes. For new skydivers, it’s advisable to take a short course on how to properly use skydiving equipment. This way, you will have at least some basic knowledge before venturing into the real world.

When looking for skydiving gear, you need to consider how safe each item is. Buying the cheapest available gear might not be the best idea, since the chances of it breaking or losing shape are greater. New skydiving gear tends to be sturdier and made with better material. Some skydiving gear has been purposely made to withstand extremely low temperatures and even weightlessness. You should know how much skydiving gear is able to withstand before buying it.


It’s also important to consider the environment where you plan to practice your new sport. If you are planning to jump out of a plane, then skydiving gear that is suitable for jumping out of a plane might not be a good choice. The same goes if you are planning to jump from a helicopter. Your equipment should be as lightweight as possible, as well as powerful enough to withstand your landing.

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