Learn About How Safe Is Skydiving For People Who Are Planning It This Season

how safe is skydiving

There is an immense introduction of technology and training in skydiving, and thus in today’s time, it is possible anyone can choose to skydive to fulfill their adventure. Despite the best technology, a mishap can happen, but according to United States Parachute Association’s safety records, in 2019, there were 15 worst skydiving accidents. 

Know About The Safety Features That Modern Skydiving Equipment Incorporates

Reserve Parachutes 


Those who don’t know that skydivers always have an extra or backup parachute with them, known as reserve parachutes.  

Automatic Activation Device


The Automatic Activation Device is known to save thousands of lives during the sport. If the main parachute mainly has not been deployed, the small composure in the backpack of the diver will automatically open the reserve parachute. 

Audible Altimeters 

To know about their altitude during a skydive, a diver uses audible altimeters. They are wrist or chest-mounted, and a diver can easily see them. 

Reserve Static Line

The exact time your main parachute is cut away, the static reserve line will automatically deploy the reserve parachute. The static reserve line is designed in a way that the moment the diver cuts the main parachute away, your reserve parachute will make known its presence. 

Ram Air Parachutes 

Most people have seen a parachute. You believe that it is not round in shape and thus is not good at balancing. But, with the introduction of technology, there is a round-shaped parachute in the market that is known as a part of the recreational skydiving sport. Ram air parachutes act as wings, thus providing the best compatibility to the customers. 

Skydiving Apps

Skydiving apps hold so much value, like Burble. The burble app allows professional skydivers to know about your location and all about your whereabouts. It will show where you have landed and if you are unconscious or not. 

With all of the above features, we can say that the question of how safe skydiving is has lost its importance, and people will skydive if they want to. Everything involves risks, and we know life is all about risk-takers. 

How Safe Is Skydiving – Let’s Answer The Final Question 

Doing your research will help you to have a better answer to the question of how safe skydiving is. If you are here, it states that you are about to make your first skydiving jump on your next trip. Life is all about thrill, adventure, and keeping your head up all the time. If you are craving a vacation and a skydiving experience, then you must go for it. 

In the end, it’s all worth it, the adventure and the thrill. You will not get to experience such an experience, so give in to the moment and cls=soe your eyes and JUMP! 

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