Lightweight Personal GPS Tracker Locator

Lightweight Personal GPS Tracker Locator

It has become quite common to use a personal GPS device in these present times. These devices come in handy for all situations, whether it is going for a dinner or a hiking expedition. The uses of GPS go beyond navigation and traveling.

Highly advanced GPS trackers feature specific exclusive attributes for tracking vehicles, pets, people, keys, and other unimaginable stuff. These devices are getting thinner, more useful, and more affordable for outdoor activities and security than ever.

Several models of the same have crept into the industry. Small and portable GPS trackers are widely being used for monitoring the location of valuables, pets, children, and employees.

Personal GPS Tracker Locator

Making use of a private GPS locator can help individuals in tracking people and vehicles most professionally. Tracking the location of things and individuals can be a bit challenging and require tiny trackers. The product here is a small-sized GPS locator that can be installed out of the sight of people and can effectively be used for tracking different things.

Personal GPS Device Offers Easy Operation

One of the best things about this device is that you do not require a wireless connection for using this tracker. Only thing you need for the device is an active SIM card and attach it to the tracker. This lightweight device remains hidden from sight and does not show any indication of its presence. This magnetic device can easily be installed on the metal side of different vehicles. The SIM card on this device will help you in tracking the location of a subject or target in real-time. The area of the subject will show on Google Maps.

You simply need to dial the SIM card number and follow the device. The product does not make any noise and also does not have lights that can draw the attention of individuals. You can efficiently operate this product remotely in complete privacy without your target, knowing anything about it. You also get to sue specific functionalities that make your job of tracking a goal easier.

Functions Of The GPS Device

This GPS device provides 108 minutes of talk-time and 12 days of standby time. The device comes with a battery potential of 3.7V 400 Ma. It features a Li-ion battery. Users have the option of using a mini TF card for storing the history of targets tracked utilizing this device. It even comes with numbers that the users can call for making full use of the features of this tracker.

You need to dial 555 for recording; 666 for audio or monitoring; 102 for the following location; 777 for understanding map links and global positioning, 444 for resetting phone; 445 for deleting memory card content and 999 for restarting the phone. Complete instructions on the use and the effectiveness of the device are available with the package. One thing you can be sure of is that it will serve all your tracking requirements in the shortest time possible.

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