Make Your Life on the Go Better, Healthier, and Easier! Avoid Undesirable Conditions Need to Tinkle

In today’s world, the trend of going on vacations is increasing. Whenever people get some bonus or a holiday, they just plan a trip to spend some time with their family. Since one can carry everything with themselves it becomes convenient for them to use that in need. But a thing that people especially women don’t have excess to while traveling is a proper bathroom. Sanitation is something most important for women as many women don’t have excess to safe and clean toilets. For this purpose, women can use Portable Female Urinal.

Portable Female Urinal

Portable Female Urinal is made up of plastic and can be used by anyone whether she is a pregnant Women or an elderly. The use of a Portable Female Urinal will prevent you from using dirty toilet seats. In case you go out for a trip and you have nature’s call then you can use this product. Since pregnant women have to go to the washroom in urgency, so this is the best product for them. A person who suffers from diabetes can also use this product in case of urgency. An aged woman who finds it difficult to walk and go to the washroom more often can also use this to prevent herself feel dependent on others.

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  • Style Outdoor
  • Fold Yes
  • Model Number HOME2016
  • Production Folding Bucket
  • Material Plastic
  • Plastic Type PC
  • Retractable Folding Applicable
  • Feature Eco-Friendly
  • Supply Type In-Stock Items
  • Boiling Water Not Applicable
  • Type Buckets


  • Portable Female Urinal is a skin-friendly product
  • It can be used by a female in case there is no excess to the washroom.
  • In the case of unhygienic toilet seats, females can use this product.
  • It is an ideal product for traveling and camping.
  • Portable Female Urinal is a suitable product for diabetic or pregnant women.
  • It is a portable and convenient product to use.


  • After use, it needs to be emptied.
  • If not emptied in time it may lead to a bad odor and foul smell.
  • If not handled in the right manner, it may lead to spillages.


Safety is important when it comes to traveling and there could be a need to urinate when you are going on a long journey. It is not possible for us to expect hygienic conditions everywhere we stop and this might get difficult especially for females considering how they urinate. Having an affordable product is one of the wisest decisions you can make and this helps you travel longer distances without any hassles. Thus, Portable Female Urinal Is a product that can be used in an urgent situation, making it easy to travel and plan trips. If the washrooms are not clean then one doesn’t have to worry about it and can use this product. It is portable and convenient to use. 

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