Must Visit Places To Go Skydiving In California

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California is one of the world’s best spots for sky diving and is an abode to numerous skydivers. Sky diving does not happen from places but across the coastal areas, which in itself is a thrill. 

There is certain regulation which skydivers are supposed to follow which are:

  • The skydivers are supposed to carry their sky diving license.
  • One can dive if the weather is stormy or rainy.
  • There are also certain weight limits with some sky diving companies. Before starting, check with those companies once.

Some Of The Best Places To Go For Sky Diving In California Is:

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  • The Bay Area

Skydive, California, is one of the best place destinations for skydivers. This company offers certification to the skydivers; it does not matter whether you are a first-time diver or not. You can dive up to 13000 feet with a speed of 120 mph coming down. once the parachute is up, you can have a peaceful view of the great scenic beauty of San Francisco. 

The skydivers can also take part in the next level certification, which is a kind of a student program.

  • Los Angeles Area

Skydive Perris is one of the best facilities in the world located in the Perris near the Los Angeles area. You can dive up to 13000 feet with a speed of 120 mph coming down. Perris also offers indoor learning sessions as well for first-time divers. They also offer a certification program.

  • The Central Coast

Skydive Monterey offers a great destination for the skydivers. One can witness the fabulous bays and long free falls. You can dive up to 18000 feet above the pacific ocean’s Monterey bay with a speed of 120 mph coming down. If it is a clear day, then a diver can witness scenery from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to California’s famous Highway 1.

  • West Coast: Socal

The west coast is quite expanded and gives out a perfect place for the skydivers. It is one of the oldest skydiving places in over 40 years. 

  • Northeast

Jumptown is the skydiving place in the Northeast that is exceptionally good. Jumptown has a very good tradition of hosting skydiving activities. It has people from diverse cultures and thus makes for a great community. They also have a camp known as AFF, wherein you can enroll yourself and get into some deep sky diving lessons.

  • San Diego

San Diego is famous for its vibrant sunny days and climate. Thus making sky diving all year-long opportunities. Jumpers can jump in the vast ocean, whereas divers can dive in the clear skies. If you want a wonderful scenic picture, then jump near sunset time and view the colorful skies.

  • Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is also a popular destination for sky diving. All credit to the amazing climate and sunny days around the bay area.

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 The skydiver company provides magnificent and stunning scenic beauty under the ocean in the entire California. It also provides a student program to people who enroll to learn sky diving.

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