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Have you ever stopped to consider what the weight requirements for parachuting equipment are? Most likely you have not, and you have no idea what this stuff weighs. You have probably heard about paragliding regulations–and you were probably right. All tandem students should adhere to weight limits set by the paragliding club that they are a part of. All tandem students should fit special weight guidelines, based on their gender and weight. As a rule, tandem students who are not over the age of twenty-five needs to come in below 220 pounds (and ideally below 200). This is true whether or not they are males or females.

Parachuting Equipment You Need To Have
Parachuting Equipment You Need To Have

Parachuting Equipment: Weight Limit

The weight limit varies from one sport to another, but in general the weight of a tandem student’s parachute will vary by between ten and fifteen pounds. It also depends on the size and style of the tandem parachute. In general, there are a minimum and maximum weight limit for each kind of paraglider.

Parachuting Equipment: Tandem

As an important point to remember for those who are in the market for new tandem equipment, these weight requirements are only applicable to the maximum weights that the tandem student can safely hold. For example, if a female tandem student wants to purchase a paraglider that is a little bit heavier than the minimum required, she needs to make sure that the paraglider will not cause her injury. If a male tandem student is going to purchase a lighter version of the equipment, he needs to make sure that he can still use it safely. Both girls and boys need to wear proper helmets at all times, even if they are wearing a lighter paraglider.

Parachuting Equipment: Buy Based On Your Style And Budget

When deciding on a paraglider, the best way to buy one is to look around for an item that is appropriate for both your style and budget. There are a lot of different styles and models of tandem jumps, and the more unique the model, the more likely you are to find something that meets your needs. That means that there are plenty of different options available to you, which makes finding the right model of the tandem jump is easier.

Parachuting Equipment: Tandem Jumpsuit

Some people find that purchasing a tandem jumpsuit instead of a paraglider can be a better choice. Jumpsuits allow for the proper support and protection that a paraglider does, without sacrificing the ability to move quickly or perform stunts. They also tend to have a higher level of comfort that some other types of paraglider will have. What type of jumper you choose will be determined a lot by your own personal preferences. Your personality and personal skills will play a role as well.

The Right Gear

The right gear also plays a big role. When choosing the right gear, it will depend on the type of experience that you want to have with this activity, the time it takes you to learn how to use a parachute properly, and whether or not you have been trained in the proper safety techniques. If you choose the wrong gear, you could be putting yourself at risk.

Take Time To Shop

To ensure that you are using the right equipment, you should make sure that you take the time to shop around. While there are a lot of different types of parachuting equipment that are available, the equipment that you should be looking for is the same ones that are used by professional skydivers, military personnel, and pilots. You should avoid parachutes that have a hard inflatable bladder or a rigid material that is difficult to put on or off because these parachutes are not safe and can cause serious injuries if they are improperly used.

Parachuting Equipment Things To Consider
Parachuting Equipment Things To Consider

Light Parachute

If you are new to the sport, you may want to start off with a light parachute and a harness, since they are the most popular type of parachute equipment. A light paraglider is much easier to use than a heavy one, which is more suited to experienced parachutists. There are also lighter tandem jumpsuits that you can use while you are learning how to use a paraglider. If you are not yet experienced, it is best, to begin with, a light jumpsuit that allows you more movement and less stress while using the parachute.

Summing Up

Make sure that when you buy your tandem jumpsuit, you check and see if it is made from the appropriate materials for your needs. If you are new to the sport, the right equipment will help to make your life easier, allowing you to do things like jump, land, and then get back down safely. Just make sure that you purchase the right equipment for your needs.

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