Understanding The Different Types Of Parachutes

Some Popular Types Of Parachutes

Are you interested to know about a parachute? Congrats! You’ve come to the perfect place. This post is about the explanation of some types of parachutes. So, without any further ado, let’s start the discussion.

A Brief Introduction

When it’s time to come back to the plane, it hardly matters the type of a parachute whatever you’re using. The main goal here is to open it and return to the ground safely. It might be the case of jumping for the first time.

However, it’s really interesting to know about different types of parachutes. Actually, you’ll start knowing about them after starting your skydiving journey.

As a result, you can make informed decisions. It’s time to take a look at some of the many parachute types. However, the main focus is going to be canopies here.

Basically, parachutes come in two types. And they are ascending and descending. The types here will focus on descending parachutes only. Remember, ascending ones are there for paragliding.

Some Popular Types Of Parachutes
Some Popular Types Of Parachutes

Some Of The Different Types Of Parachutes

Round-Type Parachutes

This type of parachutes contributes in terms of the emergency as well as military parachutes.  Round-type parachutes depend on the concept of drag for slowing a descent, without any need of the lift.

Dome-shaped canopies remain present in the manufacturing of these parachutes. Also known as ‘jellyfish chutes’, today’s jumpers hardly use Round-type parachutes.

Cruciform Parachute

If the goal is to get a considerable steady descent, then cruciform parachutes can make an ideal solution. And it becomes possible due to the alleviation of oscillation.

The good news is that such square-shaped parachutes are recently redesigned by the US Army and it’s known as the ATPS system. It alleviates the likelihood of landing-related injury. Moreover, it’s also able to alleviate descent speed by up to 30%. However, these parachutes are seldom used by others other than military maneuvers.

Some Popular Types Of Parachutes
Some Popular Types Of Parachutes

Rogallo-Wing Parachutes

The manufacturing of these parachutes is due to the improvement of the forward speed and lower landing speed. Moreover, a lot of experiments have already been performed in such type of parachute in the field of parachuting. But, nowadays, these chutes are hardly seen in the world of sporting.

Annular Parachute

These chutes have come with a lesser drag factor, as compared to traditional round parachutes. When it comes to the vents’ rear position, it offers a significant forward speed to the respective jumper in descent.

Ram-Air Parachutes

Now, coming to the most advanced parachute and it is ram-air. Its use is especially seen in the world of sports jumping.

The parafoils of these chutes provide the respective jumper with excellent control of direction as well as speed. Moreover, it also distributes the deployment stress, which is a big issue on certain older parachutes.

Sail sliders enable jumpers in the canopy adjustment in descent. Moreover, sail sliders also help in maintaining a significant airspeed control. Also, the ram-air parachute comes in different types, available around the world.

I hope you’ve got some valuable insights into parachutes. You can know more about the same by contacting an expert in this field.

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