Some Safety Tips When Flying A Helicopter

Some Safety Tips When Flying A Helicopter

Anyone who has taken a helicopter ride can tell you that it is not as enjoyable as an airplane ride. It is important to know the safety tips.

You can fly without any fear of something going wrong. In an airplane, things can happen very quickly. There are many factors involved in the failure of a large plane or helicopter. In a helicopter, there are fewer possible problems, so your experience is likely to be safer.

Hovering: The Way To Fly a Helicopter
Some Safety Tips When Flying A Helicopter

Helicopter Tips

Some safety tips that should be considered when flying a helicopter include never allow anyone else to pilot it, keep everyone in the helicopter well away from the controls, and consider the safety of the passengers. Following these safety tips will help prevent injuries or fatalities.

You are the only one who knows your own personal flight rules, so you must take them seriously. You must maintain good judgment and always do what you have been trained to do. If something does not feel right, do not hesitate to ask someone else for help.

When you are near the ground, you should avoid sudden movements because they could lead to a loss of control. If the helicopter starts moving forward, do not let go of the controls.

Safety Tips

The last thing you want to do is land on the ground with the engine running. When the engine is turned off, you will notice that the aircraft becomes stable. Once the rotor blades are pointed down and to the right, hold on tight to the controls.

When flying a helicopter, it is important to take off and land at your preferred speed. You must get as close to the ground as possible when you begin your descent and approach. If you come in too fast, the wheels could spin and you could fall out of the air. The proper speed for an airplane is more like an inch per second.

With the wind blowing steadily at your back, you will begin to gradually descend until you are just above the ground, and then you should gently begin to rise and make a full right turn. You will soon come into the land, and the last thing you want to do is to try to slow down abruptly. Flying a helicopter requires an agility that you cannot have unless you have a good sense of balance.

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If you want to descend slowly while flying a helicopter, it is best to avoid climbing. If you do not know how to perform a gentle roll, do not turn on the power. Wait until you feel confident that you have control of the aircraft. If you are able to maintain good control, the result will be an enjoyable, safe, and graceful descent.

Some other safety tips include always keep everyone as far away from the helicopter as possible and remember to use the hand brakes. You must be able to get off the aircraft easily, but you cannot open the landing gear until the helicopter is stopped.

Never attempt to move the main rotor until you have completely recovered from your initial touch down. If the aircraft moves during this time, you could injure yourself. Move the tail rotor only as far as the rotor blades will allow you to. Otherwise, do not attempt to move it.

Some Safety Tips When Flying A Helicopter
Some Safety Tips When Flying A Helicopter

Bottom Line

Most of these safety tips are easily followed. The only time that you will want to raise the nose and apply more power is when you need to get out of a crash area. Always remember to keep everyone away from the cockpit until you can safely help them out. These helicopter rides will be very exciting, but you must remember that flying a helicopter requires the same level of safety precautions as flying an airplane.

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