Squirrel Suits Skydiving – Why Renting Is The Best Option

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Squirrel suits skydiving is not easy, and the worst mistake one could ever make is buying the wrong gear. Many would go for an advanced version without knowing about the features and usability. On the other hand, some divers stick to the beginner wingsuit without understanding the need to upgrade it. Both make the wrong decision which affects their performance. To be right about wingsuit diving, one must know the 5 basic steps of flying and other facts about these squirrel suits.

We are here to guide all the beginners. Check out our complete guide here.

What Is A Squirrel Suit Skydiving?

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Often known as wingsuit flying, this popular sport has become a craze among the youngsters who love adventurers. However, this is a very dangerous sport as skydiving requires the right gear and better diving skills. The suit is the life-savior and most essential gear that lifts the skydivers above the ground and allows them to fly to a distance.

Though difficult and dangerous, there are many squirrel Suits skydiving courses to train beginners. Anyone interested can become a pro skydiver after getting this training and earn a license. However, one should be above 18 to become a skydiver and get a license.

Besides this, a skydiver has to reach a minimum of 200 jumps within one and a half years to get into the professional wingsuit first jump course. Those fulfilling the minimum requirements are allowed for their first wingsuit without any assistance.

Not just squirrel suits skydiving gear is important; they should also have a main parachute, an automation device, helmet, altimeter, and more essential wingsuit gears. This can be so expensive; therefore, the best deal is to take a wingsuit on rent.

This is such an exciting activity for those who are not afraid of height. Just get the best coach, and you are ready to explore the sky closer.

Rent Squirrel Suits Skydiving

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Aforementioned, renting is the best option because a beginner suit will cost you around $1,200. This is too much for someone who is less serious about skydiving. Apart from this, fitness matters a lot in these sports both in terms of body and suit wearability.

A loose or tight wingsuit can increase the risk of injury and can make your flight unworthy and uncomfortable. Another thing to remember while owning a wingsuit is never to borrow from one from your friend who is learning too.

This can limit your training time and efficiency. And the right way to know whether the suit is perfect or not is to try jumping in gear. Unless you do so a couple of times, you will never understand whether you can move further or not. The safety features are the most crucial part of a squirrel suit.

Last Words

So, before you rent or buy, make sure everything is okay, and you have access to all the necessary gears for squirrel suits skydiving. Once you are well aware of the techniques, you can fly up to 100mph of the speed depending upon the lift. This is the average speed of the suit.

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