Steps Of Camera Setups In The Helmet

Steps Of Camera Setups In The Helmet

People who love to go diving can see fantastic beauty under the sea or ocean. Therefore, they carry camera setups with them to capture sea beauty. However, underwater shooting is not a simple task; you need to get an advanced camera that has more features and specifications. In that case, you can easily capture the picture of things under the sea. However, whether you are new to these diving or capturing things underwater, then you need to know some tips regarding camera setups. However, you can get from here, or you can get some ideas from the expert. Besides, you can’t get suggestions from experts every time; therefore, check out some of the camera setups in this article.

Steps Of Camera Setups In The Helmet
Steps Of Camera Setups In The Helmet

Features Of Diving Action Camera Setups

Many features need to consider everyone. Moreover, they are one of the essential functions of diving cameras. Therefore, whenever you go for buying a diving camera, don’t forget to check out these features.

Easy To Use

The buttons or controls in the camera needs to access to everyone. However, you will get a guide book whenever you are buying the diving camera setups. Besides, you can’t see that guide every time. Therefore, you must have an idea about the controllers. Then again, you need to know which button is correctly functioned. Therefore, always make sure that you can operate the buttons and controls efficiently, even with your bare hands or gloved hands. However, you can see the layout the camera setups are well designed, which everyone can easily use it in any condition.

Size And Weight

While buying a diving camera, check whether your camera is water protective or not. Most of the cameras get damage when often used under the water. However, you can choose the best diving camera which has a protective shield of water.

Steps Of Camera Setups In The Helmet
Steps Of Camera Setups In The Helmet


Most of the divers think that the expensive can shoot the pictures well underwater. Besides, it depends on your budget, if you are ready to face the expensive, you can buy any camera. Otherwise, if you are planning for a simple camera in your budget, then choose the basic ones. In any case, you can capture beautiful underwater and also, can fulfill your dreams of shooting them.

Tools For Camera Setups

Check out some of the essential tools to set up your diving camera:

  • Drilling machine with drills and grinders
  • Dremel with grinders and cutting discs
  • Awl
  • Hole saws
  • O-rings for installing buttons
  • Table stand to adjust the angles of the helmet
  • Screwdrivers, and wrenches
  • Ruler
  • Rubbing alcohol

Camera Setups

Initially, it would help if you kept your diving helmet on the table stand so that it allows you to get a position. Once getting the position, use tape to fix the mounts while checking the level. After positioning, use an awl for making marks. However, it will be easier to drill the holes once you mark them by placing the mounts.

Moreover, if you are planning to install some light system, then you need to make small holes in the helmet to plug some wires. Check out this 1 Set Camera Accessories And Aluminum Nut Parts For Mounting Camera On Skydiving Helmets GoPro HD Hero2 Hero 3, which can make you fix camera setups in the helmet.

Drilling And Cutting

Now, remove the tape and drill holes by keeping the mount back in the position. Make sure that you need to center the awl mark holes. Then again, set up the camera accordingly.

Assemble The Remaining Parts

All the holes are made, then start installing the light system and assembling the mount. While mounting, use tape to hold the mounts while you work on the washers and screws. Then again, plug the buttons and connectors. Besides, you can install your buttons firmly while the tape is holding the mounts. Then after assembling, remove the tape and clean your helmet with the help of rubbing alcohol.

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