The 8 Best Locations for Hawaii Skydiving

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A popular sport like skydiving draws a bigger number of divers if the location of diving is beautiful and has all the important measures. And Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and scenic places all over the world. And with many pros for skydiving like high altitude places and good weather in Hawaii skydiving gains a lot of momentum. So, the 8 best locations for skydiving in Hawaii are –

Honolulu – Locations for Hawaii Skydiving

Hawaii’s capital is one of the most-visited places in the world. Honolulu is famous for its nature – be it its sea, or its sky! If you want to get some adrenaline rush in your life skydiving in Hawaii is a wonderful way to fulfill your dream. And probably there is no better way to fulfill this dream other than skydiving in Honolulu. Tandem Skydiving is one of the unique tourist sports you can enjoy here. A mere 250 dollars can provide you this lifetime experience to you.

The 8 Best Locations for Hawaii Skydiving
The 8 Best Locations for Hawaii Skydiving

Waialua – Locations for Hawaii Skydiving

If you want to enjoy the pacific skydiving in Hawaii, Waialua is the perfect spot for you. The place is famous for its culture and how the city protects its heritage of different sites is marvelous. Waialua can make you fall in love with the place with its charm. If you want a place of solace for your adrenaline rush this is it. Another important prospect about this place is its cost. This city can offer the cheapest travel and lowest cost to seek fun from skydiving.

Waikiki, Oahu

Why only Tandem if you can get so many other options? Waikiki is another picturesque part of Hawaii, where you can enjoy skydiving sports. Tandem skydiving is an option for any part of Hawaii. But in Oahu, you can try a different type of jumping – Halo Skydiving. For a Halo jump, you need 22000 to 24000 feet altitude. You can enjoy the beautiful canopy flight, full of scenic beauties, for around 5 minutes here.

The 8 Best Locations for Hawaii Skydiving
The 8 Best Locations for Hawaii Skydiving

Poipu, Kauai

Kauai Island is one of the most beautiful islands all over the world. This island is a perfect mixture of mountains and seas. And, with it, you may see some volcanoes also which can attract you further. As a sport, you can skydive for around 14000 feet, one of the highest in Hawaii. To seek the thrill, many wanderers came here to join this activity. But it may cost you a little more than other places, which is around $300.

Kona, Big Islands

Kona is one of the best places in Hawaii which is known for two good reasons. One is coffee and the other is Ironman World Championship Triathlon. But, if you want to skydive, Kona can be a great location for this endeavor. As a part of the Big Island of Kona, its picturesque beauty of nature attracts you more than anything. So, if you love tandem skydiving, Kona can be one of your priorities.


This is another skydiving place where you can enjoy sports wholeheartedly. From the Kona Coast of Big Islands to Maui, you can see the lion’s share of total Hawaii. You can enjoy not only alone but also with your family too. So, if you want to skydive with family, Hawi is the place to be.

Lahaina Harbor

In the center of Lahania, with a tinge of history, Lahania harbor can be a good place to skydive. Though this place had a difficult history, now it is one of the loveable destination spots for the tourists.

Maui – Locations for Hawaii Skydiving

It is situated in central Hawaii and only skydiving area consists of a national park. You can also enjoy the volcanoes like Haleakala and many beautiful springs. If you are a traveler with family and friends and want to skydive, this place is your go-to destination.

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