The Cost of Skydiving Gear – All You Need To Know

cost of skydiving gear

Initially, skydive seems like a very affordable option, but the price starts to increase if you take your skydive regularly and purchase expensive equipment quickly. It wasn’t unusual for my brother and me to spend well over a hundred dollars a day on the parameter gear before we ever went skydive, and it was only once we were doing it regularly that the actual skydive gear costs started to add up very quickly. It all makes sense when you think about skydive gear. It is designed to make you comfortable, and it is not meant to cause any unnecessary harm to your body during your skydive. It is not even meant to cause any damage to your body while you are on the ground.

My Experience Of Skydiving

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I started skydiving in high school, and my first trip resulted in a severe injury. I had suffered internal bleeding and a severely sprained ankle. My first piece of skydive gear was an inflatable air mattress that I wore under my jumpsuit. It was OK at the time, and it was very comfortable because I was lying on top of the inflatable air mattress. But after the first couple of jumps, my ankles began to ache, and I couldn’t move at all. My friends kept telling me to put my skydive helmet on, but I could not do this because I was still lying on top of the inflatable air mattress.

The Pain I Underwent

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It caused the pain and swelling to worsen because the inflamed area rubbed against the inflated air mattress. When the inflatable air mattress wore off, I was left with a badly sprained ankle. I tried several different treatment methods, which involved resting my ankle, icing it, and stretching it with ice cubes. None of these treatments helped, and I ended up having to spend many more hours in bed than usual because I couldn’t get my ankle to heal. So how much does skydive gear cost? It varies greatly depending on where you go, what you buy, and what type of skydive kit you choose.

Online Skydiving Accessories

Most skydive clothing can be found online, but be aware that they often do not last as long as they claim. Many skydive pants and jackets are cheap but very thin and don’t provide very much support. The cheaper brands are not that durable. Many people find that by putting some form of padding between their knees and legs to support their knees when they are on their skydive jumpsuits, they feel much better. The pads do not have to be expensive, just something to keep your legs from slipping forward when you jump.

Cheap And Good Quality Accessories

There is also a lot of cheap but good quality pair of goggles available that can be used when you skydive. They will be much more expensive because the goggles are usually quite expensive. You will want to choose a pair of goggles specifically made to provide adequate protection for your eyes and face. Inflatable goggles are not recommended for skydive because they can lead to eye problems.


The next thing you’ll need is your parachute and a parachute harness. Parachutes vary in price based on where you plan to skydive and what type of parachute you’ll need. For example, you’ll need a full-face parachute or a light-weight one-piece canopy that’s designed to be worn by people who want a more natural look. There are also two-piece chutes that allow you to open the tube with the harness to allow for easier packing. And the transportation of your equipment.

Discount Deals

All other skydiving equipment can be found online at discount prices. Be sure to read through the website carefully before purchasing anything since many online sites will try to sell you skydiving gear that isn’t suitable for what you’re planning to do. Most websites also provide reviews of the things that are on sale to find out which ones are the most popular and are being sold the most often. You’ll find a variety of different skydive stores skydiving of sale equipment at discount prices in many cases.

Extra Accessories

When you buy the stuff you’ll need to skydive; you may need to buy some extra accessories like a knife, a camera, a unique chute opening tool, and a GPS. Depending on where you go, you’ll probably need a harness for safety, but if you live close enough to a city, you may want to make sure that you can purchase one before you start skydiving. You will also want to buy some extra lines of parachutes and a mini-spike, which is the device used to release the parachute when you land.

Summing Up

Most of what you’ll need for skydiving can be found online, though you’ll have to buy the extras that you don’t necessarily need from online stores to ensure that your equipment is going to work right the first time. Even though you’ll end up spending less money than if you purchased skydiving equipment locally, you’ll probably not be satisfied with the results that you get because you bought the wrong pieces.

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