The Sky Diving Rig – Learn How to Live With the Full Gear on

sky diving rig

When I first heard about the sky diving rigs I was very interested. The sky diving rig is what they use to go skydiving, and it was really cool. However, when I first saw the actual thing it looked very intimidating, so I didn’t think I wanted to put myself in that situation. So I waited for someone else to ask me questions about how to set up the sky diving rig.

Need A Lot Of Training Before Attempt It

Sky Diving

After a while, I had to ask my uncle about how I could learn to skydive. He gave me some books to read. I ended up finding out that all you need is a helmet, some flippers, a harness, and a flying hat. That’s all there is to sky diving. I was very excited to learn how to skydive, but my uncle told me it was very difficult, that I would need a lot of training before I could attempt it.

I was starting to get discouraged, so I started asking more questions. I asked my uncle about how much training and practice I would need to be able to fly a skydiving rig. I was surprised to learn that I would only need ten or so hours of training. Now that is a lot of time! That is very encouraging!

The Sky Diving Rig Is Not Very Hard To Put Together

Sky Diving

I started thinking about how I could train for ten hours a week, like I do with all of my other hobbies and activities. Then I remembered something my uncle had told me, which is that the skydiving rig isn’t very hard to put together. I just needed some help. So I went and got some advice from one of the guys who builds them. He helped me with the design and construction of the SkyDiving Rig.

Now I had a skydiving rig that was ready to go. I was ready to test it out. It has been a while since I have tested one out so I decided to take it out on my very first dive to see what kind of air pressure I was dealing with. It turned out that the pressure wasn’t too bad, just a little faster than normal.

Should Not Dive With The Full Weight Of The Gear On

I guess you can figure that out for yourself. The next dive I went on, I knew that this was going to be a good dive. That’s when I noticed that the air pressure was a little faster than normal. That was also when I found out that you normally don’t have to depress the button as far as I did in that first dive.

I also found out that the weight of the air makes it less dense, so the dive should be easier. The other thing I noticed is that if you are a beginner you shouldn’t dive with the full weight of your gear on. You should start off with the load balanced at the very least. And then you should only add the weights you will need as you progress into the sky diving experience. I really enjoyed my time on the skydiving rig, but I am sure that I am still learning a lot about how to dive with the full gear on.

Bottom Line

Just remember that like everything else in the world there are some things that you will have to learn. Just like learning to dive, sky diving rig is no different. Just keep in mind that once you have mastered the basics and have a good understanding of how it works it is a lot of fun. Just imagine what it would be like to jump right into the deep blue sea under the stars with nothing but the stars overhead. I am sure that would be a life changer.

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