Things You Should Know about Skydiving Suits with Wings

Skydiving is one of those sports which can be defined as extreme. Skydiving sport has much equipment for safety reasons. You can use two proper chutes, AAD, etc. to play it safe. But, after the parachute, the most important thing you need to skydive is skydiving suits with wings. Though many of the divers do not wear the proper attire, a wingsuit is equally important, not only for diving reasons but also for safety reasons. There are so many facts regarding the skydiving suit. Here is the list of things you should know about skydiving suits with wings.

Launch – Skydiving Suits with Wings

The most important part of skydiving with a wingsuit is its launch. Wingsuits have a larger surface area, stitching a piece of cloth between the legs and between arm and body. This clothing changes the relative wind speed around the body. So, if you are flying with these measures, you must not stretch before exiting the aircraft. Timing is everything here. If you spread your suit too early you may hit your head in the aircraft and it will make you misbalanced. As, you exit the airplane, for its design, it starts its work immediately.

But you must know that jumping from the aircraft is a different ball game from jumping off a cliff or a hot air balloon. In these cases, the exit wind is absent which becomes a factor while jumping from a moving aircraft.

Things You Should Know about Skydiving Suits with Wings
Things You Should Know about Skydiving Suits with Wings

Design – Skydiving Suits with Wings

Since 1990, wingsuits have gone through a lot of changes. You may hear one material wingsuit. But nowadays, wingsuits are made of different materials, combining into making a good suit. Though many materials are used, ripstop nylon is the main material to make the suit. The airfoil shape suit design helps you to fly better.

You may find two different types of suits. They are a tri-wing suit and a mono-wing suit.

The tri-wing suit has three different parts of ram wings. Two ram wings stay attached with the arm and body and another one between the legs.

The mono-wing suit has no different parts, but all come under a single wing.

Another most important part of the suit design is maintaining air pressure. You may see some back inlets in freestyle wingsuits. These inlets may vary its place among different suits.


If skydiving is your passion and loves to skydive with a wingsuit, it is not easy to do so. You need proper training and practice to do such activity. Many instructors say that you have to skydive more than one year before diving with a wingsuit. Some also say that you may at least practice 200 skydives before jumping with a wingsuit.

Things You Should Know about Skydiving Suits with Wings
Things You Should Know about Skydiving Suits with Wings

Fly Time and Altitudes

One of the most important things about skydiving suits with wings is its durability while jumping. Every wingsuit has its powers. A perfect high-performance wingsuit can help you to jump more than 10000 feet. Till now, a wingsuit jump has a record of more than 11350 meters.

But, there is another resistance factor that works in skydiving suits. You can fly for a long time with a wingsuit. The longest record of flying with a wingsuit was of 9 minutes and 6 seconds. But if you are looking for more, it will be very difficult to do such a thing.

So, you need to calculate the altitude and fly time to avoid any negative outcomes.

New Technologies

In the 2000s, new technologies are introduced in the wingsuits. Using of turbojet engines with jet-1 fuel or hydrogen peroxide rocket help the suits to reach a different level. These technologies are helping these wingsuits to touch new heights in the field of skydiving, especially in the field of a wingsuit.

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