Vertical Wind Tunnel | Vertical Wind Tunnel Cost

Vertical Wind Tunnel | Vertical Wind Tunnel Cost

A vertical wind tunnel is a machine that moves air vertically. Military resources also use it for recreation. It is an enjoyable activity. You are provided with the same features as dangerous as it appears. In this, the high speed of air is pushed upwards. Your safety is also given significant attention in the vertical wind tunnel. WIND TUNNEL is considered dangerous and a pleasure game. Its price is determined by a few minutes per person.

Vertical Wind Tunnel | Vertical Wind Tunnel Cost
Vertical Wind Tunnels | Vertical Wind Tunnel Cost

What Is Vertical Wind Tunnel

It is a tunnel machine with a vertical flow of air. In which the air flows very fast, and you fly. It is an enjoyable activity. It has enormous fans of air, which push the air upwards. In actually wind tunnel has two types, indoor and outdoor. In the indoor wind tunnel, you fly in the air in the interior. And in the outdoor tunnel, you flow to the outdoor area.

Types Of Verticle Wind Tunnels

The indoor wind tunnel is a fun and safe sport.

Propeller Below

This is a low-cost vertical wind tunnel. It is a simple vertical wind tunnel but has some drawbacks. Due to this, its popularity has reduced.

Propeller Above

In this air is pushed up rather than down. This vertical wind tunnel provides you smoother airflow and powerfully wind speed.

Open Flow

It has a swift airflow. This vertical tunnel is open, and you can enjoy the view. But it may be some loud.


The most recent of all vertical wind tunnel designs. This rotating wind tunnel has been around for ten years and is still known as modern wind design to date. It may be a little bit higher cost.

Basic Packages For The Wind Tunnel

1. $60 for 2 minutes per head

2. $110 for 4 minutes per head

If you want to pay twice, then it depends on you.


If you take a group package of 4 or more people, you get a discount of $ 10 less. There is a discount for military students in a vertical wind tunnel at some places. Weekday jump is less than $ 10 on weekends.

Vertical Wind Tunnel | Vertical Wind Tunnel Cost
Vertical Wind Tunnels | Vertical Wind Tunnels Cost

How Much You Want To Fly

The wind tunnel gives you the feel of controlling your body in the wind. You make yourself feel free to air. It gives you an experience of a state free from the force of gravity. A plan is for 2 minutes, and if you want to fly again, you have to pay for it a second time.

Provide Your Camera

Maximum wind tunnels also provide you with videos or photos for the flight session. Apart from this, there is a viewer area where people can see and have a picture of you.

Flying Again

If a person experiences a wind tunnel for the first time, it is desirable. The distance of the package depends on you how high you want to fly. If you’re going to fly to the maximum height, then this can be the maximum amount for you. If you’re going to retake a session after flying once, then you have to give a separate amount for that.


The wind tunnel is a fun game in which you can swim in the air with full protection.

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