Well Constructed with Separate Zippered Pockets of Different Sizes That Would Fit for All Your Needs

Nowadays, when you go out the problem of space for keeping your necessities arises. Sometimes, for men, the pocket seems too small to put everything inside. For girls, taking a handbag everywhere can be tiresome. Female dresses usually don’t have any pockets or have fake pockets which make it compulsory to carry a handbag. This is always a better gift, if you are planning for an efficient product to share it with your friend. Another problem with a handbag is if you put it somewhere, you forget to take it back and may lose your necessary personal belongings. So, if you are facing this problem of space while you go out, a Fashionable Fanny Pack/ Belt bag can be the solution to your problem.

Fashionable Fanny Pack/Belt Bag

A fashionable Fanny Pack/ Belt bag is made for those who want more space to store their important necessities. It is not only functional but looks fashionable as well. It is bound around your waist so your hands are free for other work and you can’t forget it anywhere as it is always around your waist. By using a Fashionable Fanny Pack/ Belt bag, Girls can be free of their handbags. They won’t have to carry handbags which can save their neck and shoulders. It can be used to store all the makeup, wallet, and other things when they wear leggings or dresses which doesn’t have pockets. People can wear it when they are going biking, hiking, etc. and every necessity will be handy.

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  • Main Material: Corduroy
  • Model Number: waist bag
  • Strap Drop: 100cm
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Style: Fashion
  • Shape: Pillow
  • Gender: WOMEN
  • Item Length: 32cm
  • Item Type: Waist Packs
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  • While wearing a Fashionable Fanny Pack/ Belt bag, your hands will be free.
  • You can carry all the necessary items
  • It looks stylish and trendy.
  • It saves your neck and shoulders from carrying a heavy handbag.
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  • Sometimes these bags may have zipper malfunction and it becomes useless as you can’t use them without a zipper.
  • It may not look cool on some dresses, giving you a weird look.
  • Not everything can be fitted in this bag.
  • Sometimes pickpockets may unzip your bag and take out your wallet and you won’t even realize it.


Fashionable Fanny Pack/ Belt bag is Fashionable, trendy, and saves you from carrying a bag. You can easily wear it around your waist and store all the necessary items. However, zipper malfunction and size restrictions can make it a bit difficult to use. If you want to carry some items and want hands to be free then this Fanny Pack/ Belt bag can be a great option. They can help you carry all the small things when you are going bike riding or any other excursion.

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