What Are The Best Places For Skydiving In Denver

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The best place for skydiving can be a very subjective thing. It’s up to you to decide where you want to go, but there are a few key guidelines that will help give you a good idea. In most cases, the best place for skydiving will be where you’re doing it. However, it is also true that almost all spots, large and small, aren’t created equally.

One of the best places for skydiving near my home is Sugar Mountain in North Colorado. There are several skydive companies at the base of Sugar Mountain that have drop zones for beginners and more experienced skydivers alike. Sugar Mountain is also surrounded by some great scenery, including Bannockburn (a mountain town with a world-class base) and Castle Rock (situated right on the Colorado River). Sugar Mountain is also home to several great dive shops and a plethora of equipment for your enjoyment. There is no shortage of places to get first-rate equipment. In addition, you’ll find that many of the shops have packages that include rental skis or planes, which make getting around much easier.

Some Of The Best Places For Skydiving

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Second on our list of best places for skydiving in Colorado is the Vail Area. This area has some wonderful areas for beginners and advanced skydivers alike. Some of the more popular drop zones include Beelden airfield, Bear Mountain, and Copper Mountain. The Vail area is also surrounded by some beautiful scenery. Two popular ways to get to Vail are through the Vail canyon or through Bear Mountain. Either way, you’ll never be late.

Third on our list is Carbondale. While there is still a lot of ground to cover, it’s certainly worth the effort. In fact, many first time skydivers jump there to test the waters. The main spot to watch out for is the south rim of Carbondale Creek. There are several open air jumps from here, and it is recommended that skydivers jump from the north rim first as the currents are usually much smaller in that area. Of course, you can always skydive to the northwest and southwest sides of Carbondale if you want to test out different conditions.

Fourth on our list of best places for skydiving in Colorado is Denver. Many skydiving groups and organizations have drop zones right in Denver. Some of these include the Black Diamond Association, Black Diamond Colorado, and the Black Sky Society. These drop zones offer everything from tandem jumping, to instructional clinics, to lectures about the art of skydiving.

Vail Is Another Best Place On The List

Fifth on our list of best places for skydiving in Denver is Vail. While it may seem a bit far for some of you, Vail really does have some excellent options. The main area is North Vail Mountain, where there are several open air Vail jumps from year-round. During the winter, Vail can be fairly cold, but Vail Caverns is open all year long and are a great place to jump. The main challenge with Vail, however, is getting a permit; it’s just a matter of getting there and finding an authorized building. Just keep in mind that these jump areas are very popular, so get there early or be prepared to wait.

Sixth on our list of best places for skydiving in Denver is Grants, CO. While it hasn’t been a sight since the 90’s, it’s still a great place to go skydiving in Denver. The sheer number of places to skydive is staggering in Grants, CO. There are many different types of adventures to take part in, including tandem skydiving. If you’ve never jumped before, or you’ve never jumped at all, then this is a great way to learn. In addition, the gondola system used by most of these locations is incredibly fun and gives the opportunity to really experience the sky!

Bottom Line

Finally, we have our final list of best places for skydiving in Denver. While not technically in the city proper, Vail and Mustang Mountain are great locations to jump because they offer great conditions and the thrill of jumping from such great heights. If you don’t happen to live near any of these areas, though, we strongly recommend that you look into other areas, especially if you’re a skydiver who likes to travel.

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