What Is The Best Place To Do Skydiving Around Australia

best place to do skydiving

“Since opening our first online facility in 1998, iFLY has empowered more than 10 thousand individuals to experiences the thrill and freedom of sky diving. Our state-of-the-art wind tunnels are open to all ages and are extremely recommended for all levels of experience. Whether you are planning a corporate group event, a family-friendly birthday party, or an enjoyable activity with your friends, iFLY can be the ideal experience you are looking for. Our last reservations are 30 minutes before closing.

“If you love to skydive, then iFLY will definitely satisfy your adrenaline junkies. This is my personal favorite place to do some daredevil high jumping action with my buds from the other side. The view alone is awesome, but the Adrenalin rush you get every time you jump is what really pulls at me. It’s a small city, but with such a strong community of skydivers, it’s not hard to find a good dive shop to hang out with.”

Best Place To Do Skydiving

Skydiving Around

“I love to free fall on New York City’s Broadway. We used to do this at Halloween, and it was lots of fun – but always careful when riding out in the wind. This is my personal favorite place in the city to drop a line. I never miss a fall.”

“I’m an outdoor sports fanatic. So, I’ve been looking around for the best place to do some extreme sports in a small town like Cocuy National Park. Being able to stay out of the snow and enjoy the beautiful views of the valley below has me hooked. It’s great to come back here year after year to skydive and have the chance to meet all of the new friends from my last dive camp.”

“I am a fan of skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and any other kind of adventure sport. Being in a small city makes it even more exciting. I love the outdoors and being able to combine these three activities into one is awesome. It is a great way to explore the scenic views and see some beautiful scenery.” – Jason

A Much Ado 

Skydiving Around

“Cape Cod is one of my favorite places to do some daredevil things. There are so many things to see and do out there, no matter what your skill level is. I love being able to get away from everything to just be myself and try something new. Going on a month-long skydiving adventure with my wife and daughter was one of our most incredible vacations, and something we will always cherish.”

“After working in New York City for the past several years, I had just gotten home from a long six-month stint in Australia, and now I was itching to get back into shape and test myself again. I had been training for a jump that I had scheduled with my local U.S. national team, but when I got home I decided to treat myself to a skydiving adventure. I booked a spot right at sunset for the first jump of the trip, which happened to be right above a massive amount of rock and tree cover. The view was awesome, the temperature was perfect, and it was a blast!”

Bottom Line 

That was my favorite thing about skydiving over the past year or so. Sometimes I feel like I’m not seeing enough, and sometimes I think I’ve already seen everything. With this great online resource, I can now easily search for videos of places that I want to go skydiving around in Australia. It makes planning an adventure like this so much easier.”

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