Why Do Skydivers Wear Helmets?

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If you were ever to go for sky diving, and you make a list of essentials that you would need up there, a helmet may be a part of your list. Skydivers use it as a preventive gear. However, that is not it. There are so many reasons why skydivers wear and use helmets during their dives. However, that said, many do not prefer wearing it too. Let us find out the reasons why skydivers wear helmets during sky diving below.

Why Do SkyDivers Wear Helmets?
Why Do SkyDivers Wear Helmets?

Types Of Helmets Used By Sky Divers

There are primarily two types of helmets for skydivers. They are classified based on coverage that it provides to the user. There are open face helmets, whereas the name suggests, the face is left open, and it covers the head and up to the ears. And the other type is the full helmet that is closed and provides full coverage to the one who uses it. With the advent of time, we also have cameras and microphones, speakers systems that are installed in the helmets, which makes it easy for the instructors to give instructions to the group while they are up in the sky.

Reasons Why Sky Divers Wear A Helmet

  • Preventing injuries, just in case – It is undeniable that a helmet cannot be life-saving if something goes wrong during the process of your skydive. However, it can be useful to reduce the impact or intensity of the injuries that you might get.
  • Acts as a protective tool – There are chances of being hit by the fellow divers of your group in case something goes wrong. Thus, a helmet can prove to be a protective case for your head, especially in such situations.
  • Saves you against avian collisions – A sky diving helmet can protect you from the crashes that can happen during exit from the aircraft, accidents during the free fall, or the clashes with the ground. Or even with a bird collision for that matter.
  • Some protection is better than no protection. It is a useful gear for the protection of the skydiver.
  • The helmet gives a skydiver some amount of comfort during the free fall. The wind gushes in your face with compelling speed. It also holds and keeps back your expensive eyeglasses and your hair by keeping it in place somewhat.
Why Do SkyDivers Wear Helmets?
Why Do SkyDivers Wear Helmets?

Some More Points

  • Some helmets that have cameras attached to it make it convenient for the skydivers to record and film their whole experience. That way, you can relive your sky diving experience and have documentation of your precious moments in the sky!
  • Some skydivers wear helmets just for style too. It looks great with the sky diving uniform, and given the variety of masks available in the market, you can choose the one that you fancy and like the most.
  • It provides some cushion around your ears so that the wind doesn’t directly enter your ears at that high altitude when the skydivers free fall, the wind is cold. Having a helmet will make a difference.
  • Helmets are also useful for communication because some helmets have a microphone and speaker system installed in it. The instructors use such masks to give instructions to the group skydivers.
  • A good, sturdy helmet keeps your neck in place while you are landing. It is a top gear against sudden jerks at any time during your sky diving journey.
  • It makes you feel safe.
Why Do SkyDivers Wear Helmets?
Why Do SkyDivers Wear Helmets?


Now know that there is one thing you must carry on your next skydive, and that is a helmet. Stay safe.

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