Why You Need A License To Skydive

Why Do Skydivers Need License?

Skydivers after completing their training program receive a license as a validation of their training. This is a valid proof that they are professionally trained for sky dive. The process of becoming a skillful skydiver doesn’t end after the training period. It is a continuous process and the diver always learns something new with each dive.

Skydiving is a famous sports activity in many countries across the world. In reference to this, there is a tier system of licensing in skydiving. Each skydiver is awarded a license which certifies their excellence in training. There are a total of 4 categories, divided into A, B, C, and D licenses.

What Is License A For Skydiving?

For every new skydiver, the A license is the first step. It certifies that the new diver has completed the training procedure and can perform sky dive without supervision. To get the A license, divers need to:

  1. Complete 25 dives minimum without supervision.
  2. Learn the basics of skydiving.
  3. Complete 5 tandem dives as a supervisor.
  4. Pass the USPA A license exams.
  5. Get the A license verified by USPA.
Why Do Skydivers Need License?
Why Do Skydivers Need License?

What Is License B for Skydiving?

This is the next level of license for skydivers. The certified B license divers are professionals who have performed unsupervised sky dive. To get a B license, divers need to:

  1. Achieve the A license for skydiving.
  2. Complete 50 dives.
  3. Complete freefall for 30 minutes and landed within 33 ft of the target area on 10 jumps each.
  4. Demonstrate abilities to perform back-looping and turning maneuvers.
  5. Complete 10 group formation skydives.
  6. Certificate of training in a live water landing.
  7. Fulfill the USPA canopy piloting proficiency card requirements by displaying canopy piloting skills.
  8. Pass the USPA exam for B license.

Once a diver receives the B license and completed 100 jumps, he or she can become a certified coach of USPA skydiving.

What Is License C For Sky dive?

The certified C licenser can perform all the tasks listed under A and B. The license C holders are eligible to be an instructor under the USPA ratings. In addition to it, they are also eligible for performing advanced level jumps. To get a C license, divers need to:

  1. Receive the B license.
  2. Complete 200+ jumps
  3. Freefall for 60 minutes minimum.
  4. Complete the mid-air barrel rolling and turning maneuvers.
  5. Complete two sky dive of 8 person formation.
  6. Land within 7 ft of target zone on 25 jumps each.
  7. Pass the written exam for C license.
Why Do Skydivers Need License?
Why Do Skydivers Need License?

What Is License D For Sky dive?

It is the final level of licensing under the USPA for skydiving. The D license holders enjoy all the privileges of license A, B and C holders. To get a D license, divers need to:

  1. Achieve the C license.
  2. Complete 500 jumps minimum.
  3. Successfully complete a 3 hours freefall
  4. Complete 2 night jumps with a freefall of minimum 30 seconds.
  5. Pass the D license exam.

Divers are listed and categorized according to these four different levels of licensing. You can verify up to what extent the diver is eligible to perform by just looking at their license.

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